Robert Clarke Associates
1200 Pearl Street, Suite 314
Boulder CO 80302


Empire State Building

E-Quest modeling assistance supporting the capital budgeting of 37 Energy Conservation Measures - reduced to 8 action items. Layout and administration of a 6,000 SF Heat Mirror manufacturing facility on the Fifth Floor. Ten month “re-manufacture” of 13,028 “ESB” insulating-glass units saving 472 tons of glass. R-2 to R-8 insulating upgrade with directional “tuning” to enhance north-office daylighting and SSW solar-heat rejection. Empire State Building

National Gallery of Art

National Gallery of Art

Research leading to the replacement of all 99 monumental windows in the main National Gallery building and select skylights in I. M. Pei’s East Building. Glazing design to provide condensation resistance in a 72F/50% rh environment, 99.9% UV blockage, sound control and 90+% Color Rendering Index.


Amory Lovins' Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI)

Three-plus decades working directly with Amory on all vertical and overhead glazing for both RMI’s Old Snowmass building and Boulder-based consulting headquarters. R-22+ glass and prototype “pultrusion” fiberglass window frames. Consulting assistance to RMI on multiple projects including the Empire State Building.

Rocky Mountain Institute 

ENSAR Consulting

ENSAR Consulting - Holy Cross Energy 

Founding president leading to 20 years of energy consulting. Development of computer-based building energy software.  Code compliance assistance for innovative, complex structures often involving high glass-skin percentages. Wind turbine, solar heating, and early “net zero” design research. ENSAR acquired by Amory Lovins' Rocky Mountain Institute in mid 1990s.

Packard Foundation Headquarters

Two years of design assistance leading to the construction of this Net Zero Energy, LEED Platinum headquarters building in Los Altos, California. Technological innovation encompassed super-insulating glazing, daylighting, radiant heating and cooling, external computer-controlled shading, chilled beam HVAC integration, innovative interior-environmental control and precision control strategies addressing virtually every element of sustainable design.

Packard Foundation Headquarters 

Woody Allen “Sleeper” House

Woody Allen Sleeper House 

Complex re-glazing and energy calculations impacting comfort, utility bills, UV protection, condensation resistance, historic preservation and traffic-noise control. Wind loading and structural concerns. Rocky Mountain views enhanced with complementary summer/winter mean radiant comfort enhancement due to interior glass-surface temperatures closely tracking thermostat settings.

Aeroturbine and Ventera

More than three decades of wind industry experience, including board membership of Aeroturbine (involved in utility-scale generation), and consulting president of Ventera (manufacturing a 10 kW turbine). Board membership of American Wind Energy Association, World Power Technologies and Southwest Windpower extending to the securing and administration of $1.6M in DOE funding for small-turbine development.

Wind Turbines 

Vac-Tec Systems and Hauzer Vac-Tec

Planar Magnetron Sputtering Chamber 

Six years as consulting president of both Vac-Tec Systems and Hauzer Vac-Tec in Boulder involving a corporate transfer of assets to Europe, and in-house manufacture of a planar magnetron sputtering system to displace the electroplating of watches for Timex-India.